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Workshop session


Creative Thinking • Critical Thinking • 
Managing Emotions • Mindfulness • Resilience • 
Systems Thinking • Visual Thinking

Coaching session


Life Coaching • Presentation Skills • Story Telling

What our clients say

“Excellent workshop. Trainer has good rapport with participants.”
Senior Manager, Auditor-General’s Office

“Concise and easy to understand. Examples covered are real-life situations that one can relate to.”
Manager, Statutory Board

“Workshop is informative and systematic. This course delivers.”
Manager, Discovery Centre

“Thank you for a very good workshop. The exercises and examples we worked on will help me apply these techniques in my work.”
Manager, People’s Association

“Very good workshop with good explanation. The techniques presented are simple to understand and will help in developing new ideas quickly.”
Engineer, MEA Technologies

“Trainer is knowledgeable and backs up the lesson with his experiences making the content very easy to learn and apply.
Manager, Fei Yu Community Services