Critical Thinking Workshop

How to Use Critical Thinking to Make Better Decisions

Critical thinking brain with question marks

When you are at work, you are bogged down by customer complaints, unappreciative comments from bosses, and nasty snipes from colleagues.

When you are outside work, you get bombarded with information on what lifestyle to follow, what investments to get into, and even what food to eat.

How do you know who and what to believe? Can you distinguish truths from myths, facts from opinions? How do you solve a problem when you don’t have all the information?

The answer lies in Critical Thinking.

With Critical Thinking skills, you will make faster and better decisions even when you don’t have all the facts. You can quickly get to the root of the problem where you can analyse alternatives effectively. You can even tell when salespeople are applying pressure to make you buy. And as you become more aware of your personal biases, you can quickly distinguish between facts, opinions, generalisations and fallacies.

Learn at this workshop how to use Critical Thinking skills to make better decisions. You will get hands-on practice using these skills to identify problems, analyse claims and arguments, and make better decisions.

What you will achieve

By the end of the workshop, you will:


Understand how Critical Thinking can improve your career and life.


Be able to evaluate issues and arguments more objectively.


Make better decisions and create better solutions.


Become a more effective manager.

What you will learn

The workshop will cover:


Understanding Critical Thinking and how it works.


Analysing arguments and claims.


Managing personal biases and fallacies.


Listening skills and questioning techniques.


Investing smartly and profitably.


How to be a critical thinker.

Who should attend

Managers, executives and business professionals who want to improve their Critical Thinking skills so that they can make better decisions and become more effective managers.

What people say about the Critical Thinking workshop

“Excellent workshop. Trainer has good rapport with participants.”
Senior Manager, Auditor-General’s Office

“Concise and easy to understand. Examples covered are real-life situations that one can relate to.”
Manager, Statutory Board

“Workshop is informative and systematic. This course delivers.”
Manager, Discovery Centre