Managing Emotions Workshop

How to Manage Your Emotions and Build a More Rewarding Career and Life

Are you able to control your anger or frustration at work?

Do you keep your feelings bottled up inside and then blow up later?

Are you managing your emotions or are your emotions managing you?

Numerous studies have shown that job stress is a major source of stress for working adults and the amount of stress has escalated over the last few decades.

Three friends not managing emotions

These studies show that:

  • 85% of workers worldwide are emotionally disconnected from their workplace and are therefore unlikely to be productive.
  • 60% of workers reported that they suffer neck and shoulder pain, stressed-out eyes, and difficulty sleeping when they end their work day.
  • 25% of workers reported they feel like screaming because of job stress and many are concerned that a colleague at work becoming violent.

By managing your emotions and balancing the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your life, you will do better at work and in your personal life.

Learn, at this workshop, tools that will help you manage your emotions and build a better life and career.

What you will achieve

By the end of the workshop, you will:


Understand the connection between perception, emotion and stress.


Learn to balance the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of your life.


Manage your emotions effectively at your workplace and at home.


Be able to create a better working environment that has less stress.

What you will learn

This workshop will show you how to:


Identify common causes of stress in your work place.


Recognise how you contribute to your own level of stress.


Connect between perception, emotion and stress.


Take a closer look at your feelings and emotional well-being.


Use techniques to manage your emotions and stress.


Increase your happiness and well-being.


Create an action plan to manage your emotions and be more successful at work.

Who should attend

Managers, executives and business professionals who want to manage their emotions more effectively and not let their emotions ruin their career and their life.

What people say about the Managing Emotions workshop

“Informative and well-presented. Will recommend it to my colleagues.”
Director, Community Service Organisation

“Course is useful. The information prsented is something that I can use straight away.”
Lecturer, Polytechnic

“Now I know what to do when I get stressed up by my boss and colleagues. Interesting workshop.”
Technical Officer, Statutory Board