Managing Chaos Workshop

Why Managing Office Chaos is Critical if You Want to Succeed at Work

When you are at work, do you spend most of your time fire-fighting? Do you rush from solving one problem to another?

If you do, then you need to learn how to manage office chaos and disruption.

Your ability to deal with office chaos has an impact on your career.

Unless you know how to manage office chaos and disruption, it will derail your career, disturb your life and even destroy your sanity.

Manager interrupted by colleagues

Learn at this workshop how to manage office chaos and disruption by planning your day properly; how to deal with interruptions from customers and colleagues; and how to be professional and assertive in solving problems. All this will make you a more effective manager.

What you will achieve

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:


Manage office chaos and disruptions at your workplace.


Identify and prioritise important workday activities.


Use the right tools to make tough decisions.


Remain focused and act decisively when priorities change.

What you will learn

This workshop show you how to:


Identify the vaious types of chaos at your workplace


Use fishbone and mind maps to find out the causes of the chaos.


Use SWOT analysis and Priority Matrix to determine work priorities and important tasks.


Draw up an action plan that will allocate time for chaos and disruptions.


Manage chaos that are created by your boss or colleagues.


Respond assertively when managing conflicts, interruptions and shifting work priorities.

Who should attend

Managers, supervisors and personal assistants who want to be more productive at work and not bogged down by office chaos and disruption.

What people say about the workshop

“This workshop gave me tools to better manage office chaos and disruption that occur frequently at my workplace.”
Personal Assistant to GM

“Informative workshop with many tools covered. Made me think about possible chaos scenarios and how to prevent them.”
Admin Manager, MNC

“Workshop has many practical examples that I can relate to. Now I know how to deal with them. Good workshop.”
Senior Manager, Statutory Board