Speed Reading Workshop

Speed Reading Course: How to Read Faster, Understand and Remember More

Would you like to read faster, understand and remember more of what you have read?

If you are reading around 200 words per minute, like most people, you are at a great disadvantage.┬áThe United Nations has reported the need to read at 400 words per minute to be functionally literate in today’s business world.

Simple experiments have shown that you can increase your reading speed simply by moving your eyes correctly across the page.

Man speed reading a book

By using proper eye movements, you can read for hours without eye strain and fatigue. And if you combine this with memory techniques, you can now read faster, comprehend and remember more of what you have read.

Learn how to read faster, understand and remember more of what you read. Doing this will reduce your reading backlog and allow you to keep up-to-date with the latest information.

What you will achieve

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:


Read faster.


Improve your comprehension.


Remember more of what you have read.


Get more reading work done at your workplace.

What you will learn

This workshop will cover:


What is your reading speed?


Causes of slow reading.


Techniques to read faster.


How to improve your comprehension.


Tools to help you remember.


How to read newspapers, magazines and books more effectively.

Who should attend

Managers, executives, and business professionals who want to read faster, understand and remember what they read.

What people say about the Speed Reading workshop

“Useful techniques for improving reading speed and comprehension that will benefit me in my career.”
Manager, Ministry of Transport

“Engaging trainer! Lots of practice on the techniques. I definitely acquire skills that I can use at work.”
Manager, Singapore Land Authority

“Trainer made the course very interesting with many examples for further practice.”
Manager, CapitaLand