Systems Thinking Workshop

Systems Thinking: How to Prevent Breakdowns and Unintended Consequences

Have you noticed that many business processes eventually break down?

You can see this happening at work and in your personal life. Processes or solutions that were initially implemented with good intentions turn into problems and failures.

Why does this happen?

A business process or system has many components. If one component falls out of step with the other components, the business system breaks down. By learning where to look for systemic patterns in components that may lead to breakdowns, you can avoid them.

Systems Thinking Brain made with system gears

“… vision without systems thinking ends up painting lovely pictures of the future with no deep understanding of the forces that must be mastered to move from here to there.”
Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline

Learn how to use Systems Thinking tools to identify areas that will lead to system breakdowns and unintended consequences.

Once you are able to identify these areas, you can avoid them and eliminate spending unnecessary time and resources correcting them.

What you will achieve

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:


Understand systems thinking chracteristics in processes.


Identify and avoid system breakdowns and unintended consequences.


Save time and money by avoiding these potential system breakdowns.


Manage your business more effectively and profitably.

What you will learn

This workshop will cover:


System components and structures


Behaviour-over-time graphs


Casual loops and systems archetypes


Why short-term solutions fail in the long term


Projects that usually fail to deliver


Human resources policies that turn into unintended consequences


Pitfalls in project planning and strategic planning.


The dangers of under-investing and under-estimating costs and resources

Who should attend

Business managers, executives and business professionals who want to improve their business processes and avoid system breakdowns and unintended consequences.

What our clients say about the Systems Thinking workshop

“I found the course very useful and will put some of what I learned into practice in our plant.” Engineer, Manufacturing Company

‘Highly participatory and interactive. I learned a lot about Systems Thinking.” Technical Officer, Statutory Board

“Informative and relevant to my work. Made me think more about effectiveness of office processes.” General Manager, Electronics Firm